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Why Malawi man Michael Ngwira ordered DNA test which proved he’s not father to 4 of his children: A follow up

Family in crisis: Ngwira and wife Mirriam

LILONGWE (Malawian Watchdog)—Yesterday, we broke the news that Malawi man Michael Ngwira discovered the painful truth that he was not a biological father to four of his children.

Investigations from Malawian Watchdog has found that Mr Ngwira bore two children with his wife Mirriam. The other two children were from two different women before he got married to Mirriam.

But the question is what prompted him to go for DNA?

Malawian Watchdog’s investigations has found that Mr Ngwira had a secret affair with another woman and he asked her to bear him a child. They tried and tried but no to avail.

After failing to ‘produce’ a child; Mr Ngwira rushed to Mwaithu Hospital to ascertain if he was capable of producing a child.

After diagnosis, the doctors at Mwaiwathu hospital told him that his sperm count is very low in that he can’t impregnate a woman.

After this revelation, Mr Ngwira got worried.

“What about the two children I got earlier before marrying Mirriam and what about those I bored with Mirriam,” the man was confused.

This is how Mr Ngwira ordered for DNA to find out if he was the biological father of the four children in question. Unfortunately, the DNA test revealed that he was not.

It was at this point that Ngwira posted a statement regarding the DNA test on a family WhatsApp group before it was made available to Malawian Watchdog, your trusted Malawi Online News source.





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