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What is Probation and How Does It Work?


Sure, any human is prone to error, and you can end up committing serious crimes. Look, that’s not the end of life because mistakes are bound to happen.

Just because you committed some state offence doesn’t mean you should hate or even kill yourself.

If it was a mistake, then you just need to be calm because, in the long run, there will be a solution – probation.

Most people don’t understand what lawyers mean when they talk of probation. No problem, that’s what you are about to learn.

Let’s dive into what probation is:

                What is Probation?

Probation is something you can like, especially if you are confident that whatever the crime you committed was just a mistake.

Now, probation means that instead of being jailed, you are given some test of trial. Meaning you are released on probation.

During this time, the courts will see if at all you are worth the probation, but how do they do that?

Well, there are conditions that you will be required to follow. If you follow them correctly, then your probation period will end, and there will be no more conditions to follow. But if you violate your probation, you’ll land into serious trouble.

                Usual Terms of Probation

Some conditions come when you have been put on probation. Again, you won’t be arrested but will be given specific requirements to meet instead of being jailed.

Below are some of the terms and conditions of probation:

  • You will always report to your probation officer
  • Counselling or even abuse treatment, if there is a need for such
  • You’ll have to pay some court fines and any restitution
  • You will be limited to travel to various places. So sad that you can’t move freely
  • You should not commit any new crime
  • Curfews

                How Long Will Probation Take?

Were you convicted of a felony? In most cases, the courts will determine how long your probation will last. However, your probation officer may try and petition to the court for your early release.

                Can Probation Conditions Be Changed?

It’s normal that some conditions can be hard to adhere to. Fine, it’s not all lost. The courts are understanding and can consider listening to your plea.

You need is a real reason why you need your conditions to be changed.

For example, it could be that you go for a medical checkup in another state – an HIV patient for that matter.

In this case, the court can listen to you and change some of your conditions. Health cannot be compromised in most circumstances, especially if it’s critical.

So, don’t fear, go ahead and discuss this with your attorney and he or she will help you fix this.

                Can You Get a Hearing Before Probation is Revoked?

Again, you can find yourself committing some offences even after you have been given probation and given the condition.

In this case, you will get a hearing before your probation is revoked. If you broke the law, then the trial will take place after the new offence you committed has been dropped.

If it was a new criminal offence, then your hearing will take place as soon as the violation is reported.

                Bottom Line

Probation is not that complex as you can see. If you understand the legal terms, then you are better off. If not, still the above will help you.



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