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‘Truth’ behind Clement Chiwaya’s death uncovered: Malawi’s ex-Deputy Speaker

Dr Chiwaya; No more

Deceased former Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Dr. Clement Chiwaya, might have left his version of why he decided to end his life but the world he left behind has encyclopedic evidence of his lifestyle mired in debts and erratic decision making around his finances.

First things first, his way of ending his life was in no way considerate of other people regardless of how he thought his former employers were treating him.

Yes, he needed to be heard and get his benefits sorted within reasonable amount of time but truth is there was no reason whatsoever for him to traumatize Parliament staff.

We pray Madame Fiona Kalemba will get adequate trauma remedy to stabilize her mental health after such an undesirable experience.

Coming back to Chiwaya’s lifestyle, here was a man who wanted or pretended to live big while failing to service a huge of amount of debt measured in millions of kwacha as per his fellow ex legislators.

His huge appetite for good life forced him to accumulate debts that in the end facilitated his bankruptcy.

Though weighed down with huge debts, he continued driving some of the best cars on the market and was erecting a phenomenal mansion at Malembo in Mangochi which was nearing completion at the time of his death.

There is substantial evidence that only few weeks ago he threatened debt collectors who had come to his house on behalf of a client to settle a K25 million loan. On the occasion, it is said he wielded a gun, probably the same he took to Parliament, at the unsuspecting debt collectors who scampered away for their dear lives.

Then there is another claim from another ex-legislator of a K6.7 million debt that Chiwaya was failing to settle. The affected person is contemplating on grabbing one the deceased farms to square the loan.

This is why when he realized how cornered he had become for his huge debt, he developed suicidal thoughts.

Probably there was just transference of anger from the battle with debt collectors to his ex-employers, Malawi Parliament, with who he had some unsettled issues.

For a man who lived under the guise of a king, Chiwaya failed to cut his appetite for debt up until his life could no longer hold.

Malawians need to appreciate that the sad ordeal at Parliament was only the tip of an iceberg.

His death will be mourned by Malawians, but not as a man who was fighting for his dues but one who had hit a dead end in the corridor of bankruptcy.


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