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Smear campaign within MCP rank & file targets Chithyola Banda, Abida & Kezembe

Cold war in MCP

Member of Parliament for Kasungu South Constituency Simplex Chithyola Banda is well educated, experienced, and is said to be highly considered for appointment as Minister in the impending cabinet re-shuffle expected to happen after Parliament rises sine-die.

Abida Sidik Mia being Deputy Minister of Lands is bound to be elevated as full Minister owing to her hard work and her quality of being a perfectionist. More importantly, she has distinguished herself to be a political strategist of repute on the political chess-board such that her peers think she can become the first woman to be Deputy President in the patriarchal entrenched Malawi Congress Party.

Gerald Kazembe from the eastern region, Mangochi Monkey-Bay, is a disciple of the late Sidik Mia. Workaholic and interested in the delivery of results on the ground and not being a pretender and charlatan as is the case with his detractor. As a consequence, he is personally liked by President Lazarus Chakwera, and owing to his eastern region background, he has the potential to be slotted in the cabinet for a position.

Realizing that the three have tremendous potential, a smear campaign is in full swing. In the southern region, it is alleged on social media that it is being championed by the young politician who abducted himself during a bye-election, relocated to a central region based constituency only to be rejected by the voters, and coming back to the southern region only to be emphatically rejected as well by the constituents he ditched proving the adage that a rolling stone gathers no moss true.

Sources allege that he is the brains behind the discrediting of Abida Sidik Mia’s efforts to rebuild the party in the south. Sources also allege that he is the brain behind the authoring of a story carried by Nyasa Times which unreasonably attacked Gerald Kazembe.

The Kasungu’s potential Minister, Chithyola, is on record saying the story published in the Sunday Times alleging he misappropriated global funds when he was executive director for Chinansi organization, was a product of his political opponents challenging that no such a thing happened under his watch.

Malawian Watchdog is yet to verify the allegations.




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