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No More Jobs in Government…Not Even Promotion—Malawi govt. circular


LILONGWE (Malawian Watchdog)—The government of Malawi which just last month had found K4bn idling in budget; has now admitted that it is facing a financial crisis to the point of freezing recruitment of new employees. According to Circular release dated 23 March 2018 by Chief Secretary, indications are there that the forthcoming budget will not be enough to cater for all expenditures in government hence the measures.

“There will be no recruitment of new staff in the Civil service unless essential services,” reads the memo. Civil servants already working need not to impress their bosses as promotions have also be suspended. This is a big blow to thousands of School leavers and graduates roaming our streets who had a hope of getting employment in government. Government is the largest employer in Malawi and once it freezes recruitment unemployment is going to rise furthermore. In a country plunged in darkness because of erratic electricity even the private sector is no longer recruiting people but closing business, like Zomba bakery which has closed down leaving staff destitute.

Among some of the measures highlighted in the memo includes; allowing only the Speaker of Parliament and Chief Justice travel on business class, suspending top up allowances for donor funded projects, cutting fuel allowance by 10%. All government leased buildings that are currently vacant will now return to the landlords.

“My son was about to go for interviews at Ministry of Social services, am crossing my fingers that this should not affect him” complained one Librarian Zomba library. “This is the same government that had idle money to distribute to Members of Parliament today it has no money?” he fumed.


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