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Mia says three days left for DPP to honour promises or risk being booted out of govt

Malawi Congress party- MCP vice president, Muhammad Sidik Mia has called on the ruling Democratic Progressive Party-DPP/ United Democratic Front-UDF party to honour their campaign promises made to Malawians  in the coming 3 days, as that will be the only way to redeem themselves from being booted out.

This call was made on Wednesday when he held a rally at Chigumula Ground in Nkhotakota.
He said for the past 6 years DPP/UDF Alliance has been lying to Malawians that once voted into power, lives of people will be transformed for the better while the reality on the ground in proving to be contrary different from the said promises.
Mia said the ruling party has three days to finish all the projects and promises made to the people as that will be the only way people can vote for them.
Taking his turn, MCP Regional Chair for Lakeshore,  Ezekiel Ching’oma, said Malawians are able to see for themselves that the ruling party has failed to deliver it’s promises to the people as money meant for various projects continue to the swindled by those in power.
He then called on Malawians to vote for Tonse Alliance as one way of helping Malawi attain meaningful development.
Malawians are expected to conduct Fresh Presidential Elections on 23 June,2020 following the 3 February 2020 Concourt ruling that the elections held on 21 May 2019, were marred with irregularities.


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