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Meet Paul Gadama, PhD: The aroma & cream of mighty DPP

Dr Gadama

Born Paul Gadama, populary known as PG, a true biological son and true replica of the Late Hon. Aaron Gadama, from Makande village,  Traditional Authority Mwase in Kasungu district and his mother Rose Jacob came from Chilipa village TA Chigaru in Blantyre.
Dr. Paul Gadama is a true citizen of Malawi, born and being blended on the Nyasaland soil. He went through Mdeka Primary School and got selected to go to Lunzu Secondary School.

As bright as he is, Paul Gadama got selected to pursue a five year Bachelors of Commerce Degree at the University of Malawi, The Polytechnic.

Gadama further went to the United States of America to pursue a Masters Degree program in Business Administration at the University of Nicosia.

He had the passion to become a complete scholar and had nothing to stop him to achieve his dream and he went to study  Masters of Economics and Finance at University of Lees in the United Kingdom.

The young Gadama untirelessly explored the United Kingdom to pursue a Masters Degree in Finance Management at Birmingham City University.

He obtained a Doctorate Degree in Economics and Finance Management at University of Lees

Dr Gadama acquired a Doctorate Degree in Business Administration at University of Nicosia in United States of America.

Dr PG is an international consultant with different companies in the world including AGRER and ESKOM, South Africa especially during Kutsile power plant construction.

Meanwhile, Gadama is an owner of several companies and a practising economist. He has a golden opportunity to hold top position in mighty DPP where he is a bonafide and loyal member.

The Dr in the midst is happly married to Tionge Stellah Silungwe a true daughter of northern region of Malawi, Chitipa in Chisenga village TA Mweneweya. She holds a bachelor of arts in human resources management and development. Currently she is persuing MBA.

DPP is a system. Never been killed

Viva DPP
Viva DR PG
Viva Malawi!


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