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Mangochi rising Politician Martin Sekati Nyengo, Malindi Councilor join MCP

Kazembe and party senior officials welcoming Mangochi rising Politician Martin Sekati Nyengo

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) charm offensive has hit the lakeshore district of Mangochi as rising Politician in Mangochi North East Martin Sekati Nyengo joined the rank and file of the party over the weekend.

Nyengo who polled over 9,000 votes and came second during the recent court-ordered parliamentary election on independent ticket decided to affiliate himself to the party of President Lazarus Chakwera. The politician together with all his structures in the constituency joined the party.

He was welcomed by the Party Deputy Secretary-General, Gerald Kazembe, in the company of the party National Executive Member, Hassan Annussa, District Chairperson Iman, and his committee plus the constituency Chairperson and his committee.

In his welcoming remarks, Kazembe, dismissed it as “a myth” that MCP cannot make inroads in the eastern region.   He said all past presidents failed the region but he exuded confidence that Chakwera was the President the region was waiting for.

“Watch him; President Chakwera is geared on transforming the eastern region,” said Kazembe to the people who are agitating for the government to construct Makanjira into a tarmac road.

The climax moment of the welcoming speech by the Deputy Secretary-General, came when he knelt, to apologize for the atrocities people from Mangochi are said to have suffered during the one-party era.

“I was not there, President Chakwera was not there. Nevertheless, we apologize for the things we here happened. This is a new party with a God-fearing leader at the helm of the party. Let’s move forward as one people,” he said much to ululation from members.

The welcoming function took place at Chimbende village in Malindi right at the crossroads of Mangochi politics in what Idriss Juma, one of the citizens in Mangochi, has said should worry the dying United Democratic Front (UDF).

“That the function took place in Malindi in Mangochi should send shockwaves to UDF as this is a crossroads of Mangochi politics. The wall has been cracked open with this incursion,” said Juma.

As icing on the cake, the Councilor for Malindi, Hassan Chikuta, also announced his joining MCP. Other senior politicians who were welcomed include Alhaj Shyme and Asyasye Likonye


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