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How Chiwaya sent suicide note to Clerk of Parliament Whatsapp before shooting himself

Chiwaya; Shoots himself dead

Clement Chiwaya before he shot himself, sent a suicide note to the Clerk of parliament through WhatsApp right there in her office. The Clerk read it. Then Chiwaya asked her, ” have you read it?” The Clerk said, ” Yes”

Then, Chiwaya pulls a gun and said, ” you know Fiona, if l wanted l would have killed you…” Then Chiwaya put a gun to his ear and…the rest is history.

Much as l sympathize with the Clerk for her truma, l also believe she could have done the right thing. You are reading a suicide note and still not come up with a solution? Anyway, let’s not blame her after all we are sleepy Malawians. In US, as l follow Crime watch, Chiwaya would not have even a chance to pull out a gun the moment he sent a suicide message to the Clerk.

He would have been on the floor with police or FBI agents pouncing on him upon the sound of a beep by the Clerk. We are Malawi indeed! You read a suicide note and still in discussion with the intended victim. He pulls a gun and say two words, you still think it’s a joke…phwaaa! That’s when you are trumatised! Sizoona!

Rest in peace Bwana Chiwaya, curse to Parliament, curse to the Courts for not enforcing your own judgement!!


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