1. you should get your facts straight before publishing a story like this..its a pity that a website with a reputation like yours would stoop down to defamation stories which might i remind you defamation is agaisnt the principles of journalism and the law for that matter. Your use of provocative language like “thugs” is inappopriate too.. you specified people and yet you put images of other people not related to the story to back your dubious rumors..regardless whether the story is true or not this is manipulating the narration. you are giving intimate details of which would be considered hearsays. i would like to point out that i am not a supporter of any party and should our new govt follow the agenda they outlined in the compaign, i really believe we could be a step further towards development.. but it is sad and disappointing to see you turn this website into nkhani za maboma with no real evidence…hopefully we wont be greeted to stories like this in the future..thank you


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