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Earth tremor in Malawi causes panic at Blantyre High court as lawyer faints


BLANTYRE (Malawian Watchdog)—An earth tremor registering 5.6 on the Richter Scale hit almost every district in the southern Malawi around eleven o’clock this morning, causing great panic, Malawian Watchdog can reveal.

In Blantyre, there was pandemonium at Blantyre high court when judges presiding over cases had to abruptly stop dispensing justice and run for their dear lives as the tremor was life threatening.

“There was drama here as Judges had to run for their dear lives and the funny thing is that one lawyer fainted due to the tremor,” said our source on the ground who added that the Lawyer has been rushed to Mwaiwathu Hospital.

In Zomba, students were in the library at University of Malawi’s Chancellor College, also panicked, getting out of the library at the speed of light as they were trying to protect their dear lives.

“It was all drama here, students left their books and everything, be it their laptops, running to save their dear lives,” said our source in Zomba adding that others started repenting their sins thinking perhaps it was the end of the world.




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