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Deputy Minister of Lands Abida Mia stops illegal sale of Kamuzu View land

Deputy Minister of Lands Abida Sidik Mia briefing the press after meeting with local chiefs at Kamuzu View along Chikwawa road

Malawi Deputy Minister of Lands, Abida Sidik Mia, has stopped the illegal sale of land at Kamuzu View describing it a national landmark worthy preservation.

Kamuzu View is a well-known place along the Chikwawa road where the country’s founding President, Dr Hasting Kamuzu Banda, used to go for leisure—to appreciate the beautiful scenery down the shire valley.

Today, Malawians from all walks of life go there to have fun during weekends. It is on this piece of land where it was learnt that some businessman has dubiously bought it and was bringing construction materials such as bricks to commence development of that plot.

After getting wind of the news, the workaholic Deputy Minister of Lands, Mia, rushed to the scene to find out what was going on. It was learnt that a buyer had paid Group Village Headman Kantimbanya of Senior Chief Somba in Blantyre rural in purchasing the land.

Our source who also do some business at the place said they were told by this buyer to stop conducting business at this place as it was now his.

However, when Abida Mia questioned the Chief in question, he categorically declined to have sold the land.

On this Mia, said no developer should tamper with the land without the express authorization from her Ministry of Lands.

“Kamuzu View is a national landmark to be enjoyed for recreational activities by all Malawians,” she said when she issued a stop notice against any illegality on this parcel of land.


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