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“Ben Phiri not an entrepreneur, you can’t compare him with Mia, et al,” top Malawi analyst Mangulenje lectures Bushiri praise man

Mutharika conferring with an aide Ben Phiri

PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA (Malawian Watchdog)—One of the experienced Bushiri ‘praise men’  who jumps at every opportunity to praise whosoever is looking successful has landed in trouble when he praised a ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) cadet, Ben Phiri, as being a successful entrepreneur Malawi has ever produced.

For starters, Ben Phiri just like his man Prophet Bushiri, is an overnight successful person you hardly trace their success.  Phiri is a rich a guy from as recent as 2014 when his master Peter Mutharika ascended to the Presidency.

It is documented by researchers and investigative journalists that the guy uses the presidency to amass wealth for himself and indeed he has become super rich that every Malawian knows that he will be investigated, to explain his wealth, once there will be change of government.

Phiri prides himself to be an entrepreneur when he is not. It’s just a smokescreen to convince Malawians that he is a successful entrepreneur. His main client he specializes in ‘praising,’ Bushiri, is but a scandalous guy who thrives in controversy and scam.

Writing on facebook, Denning praised Phiri as a tactical politician.

“Ben Phiri is one tactical youthful politician. Full of potential. I wish him all the best. He can make a good one,” wrote Denning SC before he was roasted by Harry Mangulenje.

Denning continued:

“Ben Phiri has achieved a lot in his personal capacity. Far much a lot than anybody in MCP has. Think of anyone in MCP starting from Chakwera, Mia, Msowoya, Kabwira, (anyone). Sangafanane ndi Ben Phiri in terms their personal achievements on wealth creation so far.
“Ben Phiri has created a chain of impressive properties – and believe me he is one of the few young achievers in Malawi. I have seen his properties in Malawi, I have seen his properties in South Africa. We are talking of real properties zoti olo ine nditangokhala ndi property imodzi yokha yomwe ali nayo ku SA, I can happily sit down.

“Someone who shameless claims academic accolades that he doesn’t have? One who amasses worthy by. …… oh no my brother! Not u please,” quickly chipped in Chancy Mtambo before the bomb shell from Mangulenje who described Denning’s post as “another nauseating noise.”

Lord Denning SC, once an MCP diehard positioning himself to DPP, had the audacity to compare Ben Phiri to such known genuine business moguls as Sidik Mia, was viewed as rude by Mangulenje.

Lectured Mangulenje:

“If you talk about amassing property from the privileges of state via political connections, u must study the story of Dr Humphrey Mvula it will help u. Mvula was more than that bra during Bakili Muluzi. In fact wen Ben Phiri stands up to identify himself he inspires no one because he is a near copycat of Dr Mvula .

He used to praise Muluzi exactly the way Ben Phiri praises Mutharikas. And tell u wat. Dr. Mvula was and is a proven genius. But how dd story go wen govt changed… almost a tragedy. He lost all that honour. Even now almost all journalist honour n respect Mvula. During that time, wen u meet Mvula, u r rich. Just meeting him. U were praising God the whole day. He was a true saviour. Anyone in need of anything. U just had to meet Mvula n u were going home smiling. Dats abt Mvula. And wat abt Ken Zikhale during Bingu?

Wen u summarize thz stories that why no matter wat, ppl have no respect of this Ben Phiri cadet. His so called wealth which can even be hardly traceable is founded on shaky grounds, once govt changes another fugitive. As for MCP the likes of Sidik Mia, Chakwra, these ppl are self n standalone millionaires. Shaking govt from opposition sizamwana. U cant compare Ben Phiri with Sidik Mia. Bankrolling opposition is no mean achievement baba. Keep dat respect of cadet Ben Phiri to urself. Infact I have gvn u Manganya. U dd answer me. Is Ben Phiri deserving same honour like Manganya? Obviously no. Even Saulos Chilima is too big for Ben Phiri.”

Another social commentator weighed in.

“I learnt that Prophet Bushiri bought his praise man a BMW and we hope soon, the praise man will be rating himself as a successful entrepreneur of Ben Phiri’s proportion.”






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