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Depeco party owner Prophet Bushiri praises Pres. Peter Mutharika for Malawi-Japan investment seminar

Minister Henry Mussa with Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

From Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

It was a great honor to be part of the Malawi – Japan Investment Seminar that took place this afternoon at Sandton in Johannesburg, South Africa.

As both a business man and a man of God, it pleased me to see so many great men gathering in one place scouting and discussing investment streams for my home country – Malawi.

I am greatly humbled and hugely indebted to the Government of Malawi headed by Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika for extending the invitation to me through the Honourable Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism, Henry Mussa, MP.

It is gatherings such as these that will bring meaningful attention to investment gurus worldwide who can identify the fertility of Malawi’s investment ground. The opportunities for investment in Malawi are plenty, including the energy sector itself which is key to almost any investment.

The current political will is so encouraging that I would encourage any investor out there to look at the most peaceful country in the world with an investment eye.

As it has been shared in the seminar, Malawi’s high population entails enough market for any investment. As in the case of someone looking at a tumbler as half-empty while another would look at it as half-filled, we must, indeed, start looking at Malawi as a land-linked country and drop the landlocked narrative.

Our nation’s resilience and creativity are enormous. It is up to us to unlock this potential and make it a great nation of reckoning repute. I believe that God has turned to us and given us the opportunity to better the lives of our loved ones, and create environments that we can safely call home.

As I join the Government in celebrating the bilateral relationship existing between Malawi and Japan, I pray that God should bless the two nations and their respective leaders for the mutual benefit of the people of these two great nations.

~ Major 1


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