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MCP VP for the North storms Karonga-promises to revamp economy

MCP veep Harry Mkandawire
The Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Vice President for the northern region Harry Mkandawire has endorsed the party’s director of economic planning Dr. Cornelius Mwalwanda as shadow MP for Karonga Nyungwe constituency.

The endorsement took place on Sunday afternoon at a political rally the VP held at the party’s historical office at Karonga boma when the party’s regional chair paraded all aspiring ward councillors and parliamentary seats in the district.
Speaking at the event, Mkandawire said the party’s policy is to declare candidates in constituencies which have one aspirant shadow MP since there is nobody to compete with during primaries scheduled later on this year.
  “For any competition to be called competition, it means there are people who are battling for something. Now, if there is nobody to compete with, what do we do? That is why I declare Dr. Cornelius Mwalwanda as a shadow MP who can begin campaign for the parliamentary seat,” Mkandawire said.
Mkandawire urged people to go in large numbers and register in the voters register when their phase comes in October so that on May 21 they should usher in MCP, saying it is the only hope for Malawi’s social and economic problems the country is going through.
He said once MCP is voted into power in 2019, Karonga district will be elevated to Municipality status that in turn will boost the district’s business environment.
“Karonga district has very hard working people, we have farmers, business tycoons and well educated people who can do well and contribute to the economy of the district once we have a Municipal Assembly here,” Mkandawire said.
Mkandawire said once MCP is voted into power, the country’s ailing economy will be revamped.
Speaking earlier on MCP’s Publicity Secretary Reverend Maurice Munthali urged the youths to register en-masse so that they should vote for MCP, a party that has lined up a lot of programs suitable for the youths.
“When time for voter registration comes, go and register in large numbers. Your vote counts and it can change the country’s face for five years,” Munthali said.
He, however, warned the youths against being used in violent activities to please some political masters, saying that is not health in a democracy.
In her remarks, the party’s deputy publicity secretary Cathereen Gotani-Hara encouraged women to fully participate in active politics by showing interest to challenge men in the forth coming primaries.
She said time has come for Malawi to make the 50:50 campaign a reality.
“At MCP, we want as many women as possible during the 2019 tripartite elections. Women are serious minded people in terms of development. So I urge everyone here to give maximum support to every female aspirant to achieve this,” Hara said.
Taking his turn, Regional Chairperson for the North North Kezzie Msukwa, advised all aspirants not to defect to some political parties should they lose in primaries that will be conducted soon if the party is to remain intact.
Speaking on behalf of chiefs, senior chief Kalonga urged his subjects to patronise every political party meeting and listen to every promise that politicians will be making so as to make an informed choice in 2019 general elections.
The chief said his area is wide open for any political party activity. He, nonetheless advised political parties to desist from politics of castigation



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