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Women happy as ‘Zero Salary’ MCP shadow MP for Mangochi MonkeBay Gerald Kazembe drills second borehole

Gerald Kazembe in line of duty as women scramble to test clean safe water on the newly built borehole
MONKEYBAY, MANGOCHI—When Parliament is in session in the capital Lilongwe and when it comes to requesting for development projects such as  drilling boreholes, members of Parliament  in make sure that they shout on top of their voices in Parliament reaching the extent of having their voices run horse in order to be heard to be given one borehole to drill in their constituencies.

 However, this is not the case with Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Shadow MP for Mangochi MonkeBay, Gerald Kazembe, who in showing his love and commitment to develop the constituency, has, using his own funds, drilled two boreholes so far to help people in his area access clean safe water.
Whether one may like Kazembe or hate him but the fact of the matter is that what he has done is commendable as it is unprecedented for  a shadow MP to go full throttle in developing the areas using own funds before one can be sure of being voted into office.
Work in Progress; Kazembe vows to end water problem in Mangochi MonkeyBay with or without support from government

Recently, Kazembe told his constituents that once they usher him into power in 2019, he will direct to have his monthly salary for the whole 5 year term of office, be donated to Orphanages, Hospital and to constituency development fund for purposes of developing his area.

 I am joining politics in order to serve the people and not to benefit in any way. I have therefore promised the people that I will voluntarily donate my salary to a noble cause of uplifting the welfare of the people in the constituency. I will demand Zero Salary” said Kazembe, one of the successful businessmen and entrepreneurs in Malawi who has investment in Real Estate, Distribution, Tourism and Farming.
Well done; Kazembe( in Blue shirt) seems to say to the compnay he hired to drill the borehole

Kazembe drilled the second borehole yesterday at Kanyenga Village in the area of Senior Chief Namkumba much to the excitement of the people, especially women who said the development will help them save and stabilizing their marriages.

“I want to commend MCP shadow member of parliament Mr.
Gerald Kazembe for drilling this borehole here at Kanyenga Village.  We have been suffering for a long time to access clean and safe water.  We used to drink water with animals (goats/cattle) but now we have a borehole just a stone throw away from home,”
“Sometimes we could wake up early in the morning to search for water leaving our husbands sleeping on the bed which was putting our marriages at risk because we did not have time to look after our families,” said Esther Kalembera, one of the Villagers.
On his part, Group Village Headman Dickson warned his subjects against vandalizing the property.
Evas Thawani Phiri, Village Health Committee Chairperson said waterborne diseases such as diarrhea and Cholera will be a thing of the past with the coming of the borehole.
Taking his turn, Gerald Kazembe said that it is unacceptable for people in this day and age to be drinking water from unsafe sources.  
“In 2018, no Malawian should be deprived of clean water. Scarcity of water in Mangochi Monkey Bay villages is both inhumane and embarrassing. It’s a failure of highest order that we cannot provide our people with the most vital basic needs in this day and age,” said Kazembe.
He added: “If elected as Member of Parliament, I vow that no one in my constituency will ever cite access to clean safe water as a challenge in the constituency. I will deal with this issue once and for all, with or without government support,” said Kazembe.
According to United Nations Sustainable Development goal number six, access to clean and safe water is a human right.



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