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Solved—why do boys and girls go astray?

Catholic University MOTO Chapter during debate

Often times we hear heart breaking stories of boys and girls, teenage marriages—a boy has impregnated a girl and have been forced to cohabit, a boy in his cups has been ironed by a fast moving car, a boy has gone jungle after sniffing high quality Nkhotakota-marijuana, a daughter to the pastor has escaped home for Victoria hotel with an egg-bellied man.

Such heart-tearing stories have slipped away without proper contemplation. Why do boys and girls go astray?

Catholic University Men of Tomorrow(MOTO) chapter cracked heads on Tuesday the 9th of April, 2019 in the Assembly hall on a debate titled why do boys and girls go astray. This iron-heated debate was patronized by members of CU-MOTO, the of CU-MOTO Patron Mr. Kalinga, and the student body.

it was argued that modern technology has eroded the innocence of our young people’s mind. They have consumed the nitty-gritties installed in technology irresponsibly to such an extent that they have been compelled to indulge in risky behaviors.
Boys and girls after being insinuated to pornographic materials, for instance have been left with one option—experience the moment. Sometimes they even venture into paraphilic masturbation.

Young people are consuming uncensored information from the internet because parents, teachers and older people are being devil-may-care hence filters or do not open up to our boys and girls. But did CU-MOTO gather to condemn modern technology? NO.

Eve Mulima fueled the debate and gave it a U-turn when she switched the subject to drug and substance abuse. Young people, boys in particular have been lost to fumes of marijuana and shots of alcohols because of negative peer-pressure.

It was argued that such boys become unproductive, unloving, carefree, and a burden to the society. Mr. Kalinga attributed it to lack of platforms for young people to seek help and advice on such matters. He also stressed that “boys are not born all-knowing, them too need direction and advice”.

Unhealthy relationships with sugar-dads and slay-mums due to lack of support was among the pertinent issues that compel young people to go astray. It was stressed that it is high time to reckon that boys too are being sodomized and abused by older women in exchange for money.

CU-MOTO chapter with “I WAS HERE BEFORE YOU” at Nguludi Secondary school

Mr. Kalinga called for the need to combat the challenges faced by young people by setting youth platforms, motivation talks, substance abuse awareness campaigns, and mentorship programs.


Mr. Kalinga also recommended the efforts that MOTO Malawi is exerting in trying to nurture a generation of responsible men as a complimentary gesture to the female empowerment. “This will set both genders on the same footing for a better Malawi and world” he argued.

College of Medicine MOTO chapter with “I WAS HERE BEFORE YOU” at Soche Hill Secondary School

In March 2019, Catholic University MOTO chapter also conducted “I WAS HERE BEFORE YOU” in Nguludi secondary school barely a week after College of Medicine MOTO chapter had a blast of the same project at Soche Hill secondary school.



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