Home Miscellaneous Prophet Shepherd Bushiri recruits Kelvin Silugwe as DePeCo promoter in-chief

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri recruits Kelvin Silugwe as DePeCo promoter in-chief

Silugwe and Bushiri sealing DePeCo deal

Having hit by poverty within the short period he separated ways with his master, Kelvin Silugwe, former PR to Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, went knelling and begging for forgiveness from Bushiri.
He pleaded for a meeting with Bushiri where he confessed how stupid he has been and sought for ‘Papa’s’ forgiveness. Reluctantly, Major One, forgave him.

Silugwe is also reported to have pleaded with Bushiri to be considered for any job so that he can find a means to survive confessing that he was failing to support his family.

The miracle maker, Prophet Bushiri told his former son to calm down assuring him that he would be restored to his original status in a matter of short period of time.

Bushiri then told Sulugwe that he would give him a post of promoting his party, DePeCo, whose face is that a failed politician Dr Chris Daza.

Excited, Sulugwe assured the Major One that he would start working on propping up DePeCo ‘immediately.’

He wrote on Instagram immediately after sealing the deal.
““Fresh from the camera. It’s been an awesome day spending it with Major 1, Prophet Shephered Bushiri. We had to catch up.”
Prio, Sulugwe was writing good things about MCP only to give a rude awakening to MCP operatives when he changed tune starting promoting DePeco while launching blistering attacks on MCP and Chakwera.

Meanwhile, there is panic with the Bushiri PR camp as the coming of Sulugwe appears to pose a threat to their positions.


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