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Philanthropist Sidik Mia takes Ta~alim Moslem sisters in Lilongwe by surprise; donates 1 million kwacha

Mia interacting with Muslim Sisters in Lilongwe's Area 24

Ta~alim Moslem sister, a grouping of charitable Muslim women abruptly found themselves hosting Philanthropist-cum-Malawi Congress Party Vice President, Sidik Mia at their base in Area 24, Lilongwe on Saturday.

Mia visited the place to appreciate the work of the Moslem sisters. The progressive Muslim women gave Alhadji Muhammad Sidik Mia a tour of their campus where they have built a clinic and a mosque. Plans are also at an advanced stage to build a modern primary school which shall offer both formal and Islamic education.

According to the Chairperson of the organization, Mama Omar, the women also indulge in other economic activities like running a revolving fund. They also fetch houses for poor and elderly men and women in the rural areas apart from feeding and looking after HIV/AIDS victims.

Ta~alim Moslem sisters are a women guild of the Muslims found at every mosque and the women were on cloud nine yesterday upon hosting and interacting with the MCP vice president who is also a devout Muslim. Mama Patuma Kalanje who traveled from Tsekwere, about 50 km from Mitundu expressed untold gratitude upon shaking hands with Mia whom she just hears on the radio.

At the function Mia expressed his gratitude and thanked the women for inviting him. He urged the women to continue their noble work. He then promised to stuff the clinic with all the essentials so that it should be operational soonest.

He then donated one million kwacha towards their revolving fund. As if that was not enough, the generous MCP veep had donated a brand-new minibus to ease the women’s mobility challenges. Mama omarc was in tears of joy upon hearing this.

Meanwhile, Mia has adopted the women guild of the Muslims like he did with the Kanjedza Moslem sisters in Blantyre. There were ululations,hand clapping, chanting and singing. Smiles and grins were the order of the day.

“Alhadji Muhammad Sidik Mia is indeed a man of the people, a darling for the charitable and a model for the youth and children,” said one woman.

The Lilongwe district chairman of the Muslim Association of Malawi Sheikh Abdul Mussa thanked the popular lower shire based politician figure for gracing the occasion. He said this shows how dedicated Mia is towards uplifting the welfare of women in the country.

Taking his turn, Hon Chilondola, MCP regional chairman who escorted the firebrand politician, expressed optimism that Mia is indeed the true definition of leadership. He revealed that despite his busy and tight schedule, Hon Mia still accommodated the women movement in his crammed diary.

It transpired that Mia was coming from a daylong MCP Executive meeting at the party headquarters, where the Veep also had a chance to interact with the party’s youth wing as they organized a fundraising braii in readiness for voter registration campaign.

To the MCP youths, Mia donated half million to the youth for their exercise.



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