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Malawi’s Kufewa Acrobatics to go international this year


Kufewa Acrobatics, makers of the internationally acclaimed kung-fu movie,  Town Monger, say they plan on international screenings and performances this year.

Kufewa Acrobatics manager, Dennis Imaan, says they are currently working on bookings and dates for international shows.

“We are processing passports and then thereafter we will have shows in South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique, where we want to do movie screenings and performances”.

Shot, produced and directed by Shareef Atwab of Hashavwint Studios in Chinsapo, Lilongwe,  the film depicts a group of martial artists who notice a disturbing trend in the lives of children in the city,  mainly those from their neighbourhood of Area 36.

Despite going viral in 2017, the movie however is yet to bring in financial dividends.

According to Imaan, the film’s sells have been slow. “We produced more copies which really took a lot of time to sell. People love to give thumbs up but many were not interested to buy. At different events and selling points, the sales have been slow”.

Imaan disclosed that more copies have mainly been sold in rural areas rather than urban.

Currently all screenings have been cancelled.


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