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Kumbu to release ‘masterpiece’ Pa Charger


Singer Kumbu is back in the music fold this year with a new song ‘Pa Charger’ in the offing.

The Gaffer produced song signals a banger, according to entertainment entrepreneur Mikozi, who has had the privilege of listening to it.

Kumbu does not give a specific date of release, but says the song is coming out in the next two weeks.

In an interview, the singer says: “Basically it’s a song in which a man is so confident in his woman; about how good and positive the woman makes him feel. So somehow he’s bragging about this woman”.

He adds: “Talking about how she makes him strong and comforts him when he’s going through a tough time and when he’s feeling blue she’s there giving him hope”.

Kumbu says it’s about thanks/praises to the women for the support and the goodness they bring in our lives.

“However, I wanted to connect and relate with my fans and Malawi as a whole, so I had to find a way to talk about the electricity blackouts because Information Technology is an issue that’s affecting everyone and we know we have to talk about it”.

“Everyone’s talking about it but then we just can’t stop, we need to be louder on this issue so somehow I have found a way of fusing that issue into the song and pretty sure I did a good job on trying to incorporate electricity crisis into a love song”.

Kumbu says it’s an all brand new him and that he is communicating to people in a different way.

“I moved out of my comfort zone,  which would be Soul, or RNb or Afro Pop”.

“Unlike the Kumbu the people are familiar with in the past, Pa Charger has a Manganje feel, something I have never done. But am positive about it and am happy to have done it that way because Manganje is who we are; it’s a part of us as Malawi culture, so in this way am really sending the message out there”.

Kumbu was a teenage sensation signing to Black Rhyno, but they fell out and has been releasing music independently.



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