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Of Jappie Mhango and His Mtsamunda Ideology

Jappie Mhango: uncivilized guy?

Jappie Mhango’s rants on Sadik Mia just portrays an ignorant piece of a human being who should not have been a minister had it been that the DPP had more than five ‘reasonable’ Members of Parliament from the northern region. I say five reasonable MPs because if you take the likes of Grace Chiumia; you will understand what am talking about.

Mhango’s attack on Mia simply shows a minister who does not even understand the Constitution of his own country. That Section 20 forbids discrimination on any grounds including race this Mampara does not even know. Article 27 of the African charter states the same.

Why the Malawi Human Rights Commission is silent on this minister? He should be taken to task for his racist rants. Even Parliament has people of different races the likes of Bisnoshway, how do they feel when a fellow human being is being labelled ‘mtsamunda’ just because his skin is not dark like Mhango himself. These are the ministers we sit down and listen to, clapping hands for this nonsense!! Why are we Malawians returning to the politics of Morris Kachimbwinda, the politics of Achair of demeaning their rivals with derogatory remarks such as ‘omwa mapilitsi 40’ in reference to Justin Malewezi?

The north is one region that emphasizes on education, it has produced competent politicians such as the Orton Chirwas, Aleke Banda, Malani Lungu, but the likes of Jappie Mhango and Grace Chiumia are a disgrace and a shame, every time when they open their mouths its garbage pouring from their wide Sapitwa mouths. Wake-up my fellow Malawians are say no to empty rotten-mouth politicians.



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