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Chanco’s Yongo Wa Yongo to contest at MCP convention in Mzuzu: Malawi road to 2019

Yongo seeking a NEC Position at MCP convention

ZOMBA (Malawian Watchdog)—Taking the Malawi nation by storm with his MCP’s peculiar regalia, a chancellor College (chanco) third year student, Yongo Wa Yongo, who is governor of the party at the college has announced a bold move that he will seek a position at the party’s forthcoming convention in Mzuzu early next month.

Making the announcement, Yongo Wa Yongo, praised his party as the most democratic party in the country and that the forthcoming convention will vindicate his assertion.

“As the Malawi Congress Party 2018 Convention edges closer, watch closely and do the same when other parties hold theirs later. Watch closely for some parties that have “Democratic” on their names and see if they’re really democratic. Meanwhile, in MCP we say the youth are leaders of today and we accept the challenge ahead. See you in Mzuzu!” wrote Yongo with hashtage #YongoForNEC #Osalakwitsa.

MCP is going to convention on 7th to 10th April 2018 where the party, which has been recently embroiled in jostling for position fight, is expected to undergo a cleansing ritual.

Chakwera is expected to retain the party’s presidency with Sidik Mia expected to emerge as the party’s deputy vice president replacing embattled speaker of Parliament Richard Msowoya.



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