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Youthful Malawian Chimwemwe Nuka releases eBook: ‘200 good business ideas to start in Malawi’

Nuka: Has released Ebook

Malawi is constantly ranked among poorest countries in the world.  Among other reasons it is revealed that lack of business opportunities and high rates of unemployment contribute to the country’s poverty. Due to the said factors it is not surprising to find many people with qualifications, skills and experience mongering around and languishing in poverty having nothing to do.To improve economic status of women and the masses, government and other stakeholders have started promoting entrepreneurship. It is hoped that entrepreneurship would help reduce poverty levels in the country. Entrepreneurship mindset is being encouraged so that individuals start doing business as a way to achieve economic freedom.

May people willing to start a business in Malawi have one common question “What good business idea to start in Malawi”? This is the question Chimwemwe Nuka answers in his eBook “200 Business Ideas to start in Malawi”.

Asked what inspired him to write the book on the subject, He explained:

“I realized many people are asking what business ideas to start in Malawi, but there is an information gap. It appears no one has been able to adequately answer the important question. The “200 Business Ideas to Start in Malawi’ is the best answer, the hope for all who want to start businesses in Malawi with small capital. As the book title suggests, people who buy the book will have the opportunity to choose among 200 good business ideas in Malawi.”

Reading through the 90 paged eBook, one finds business ideas like; soap making business, professional blogging, starting web hosting company, photography/video editing, advertising agency, making sausages, candle making, making cassava starch, small scale mining and  many others.

“The good part is that people can start most of these businesses with small capital. Some businesses in the eBook can be started with capital of MK100 000 or less. It is also amazing that some ideas can be stated without any money at all.   I know majority of Malawians would love to start business with small capital with the potential to grow into large businesses. The book exposes 200 potential small scale business ideas to start in Malawi,” Nuka clarified.

When asked how people can access the eBook, the 29 aged author said people are buying “200 Business ideas to Start in Malawi through the internet, on Facebook, and WhatsApp. People can request the eBook by contacting the author directly on Facebook, WhatsApp, email, or through his blog http://mawila.com/. The eBook is going at a giveaway price of K3000 so that many people should access the ideas. But currently people are buying at a discounted price of K2000 as a way of celebrating achievements of our national hero and freedom fighter John Chilembwe.”

‘So far I am grateful for the positive response, feedback, and support I am receiving from the public within and beyond Malawi.  I would like to encourage people to support me by buying the eBook and giving me honest feedback. The support would help to cover the task of creating useful content for the good of our nation especially people who aren’t empowered economically,” appealed Nuka.

People can buy the eBook: 200 Business Ideas to Start in Malawi by making payments in two easy steps. First make payment then give email address or WhatsApp number where they want to receive the book.

About the author

Chimwemwe Nuka a holder of a Bachelor of Science Degree (Education) from Mzuzu University and a certificate in Entrepreneurship and Business from YALI-RSA lives in Lilongwe. Nuka believes that the best way to empower people is by empowering them with right ideas and hopes writing is his way of contributing towards improving welfare of people in his country.

Contact Chimwemwe Nuka to buy the eBook through any of the following payments methods

Airtel Money              : +265 123 0725 (also on WhatsApp)

TNM Mpamba           : +265 888 372 423

Mo626 Account Number: 825937

PayPal (request PayPal email)

Website: http://mawila.com/





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