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Woman Stops Wedding in Zomba


There was drama at one local church in Zomba last Saturday when a woman stopped a Reverend from officiating a wedding ceremony. All was set for one couple to be pronounced a husband and a wife.

The Reverend was busy flipping the bible looking for the right verse when suddenly a woman entered the church. She walked straight to the front and asked, “ Kodi ndekuti mpingo uno mumammangitsa ukwati wa anthu okwatila kale?” She posed the question to the bemused Reverend. The whole church fell into a mortuary silence. Even the toddlers that were busy sucking knew that something had happened otherwise why suddenly their mothers were no longer pouring the stuff!

Zomba has a good number of mentally challenged patients; it is therefore not strange to see such scenario. But this woman was miles away from being considered insane. She was in fine beautiful piece of local dress and it was beyond everyone that such a woman could have deserted Zomba Mental Hospital. She was taken to the pantry where it transpired that indeed she was the legally recognized wife of the man.

The man married the woman and she was staying at the village while the man was working in Zomba City. It was her fellow village mates who tipped her of what her husband was undergoing in Zomba. She came silently, put up at her friend’s house and burst into the church timely before the Reverend pronounced the two.

The supposed marriage was thrown into disarray and the bride was seen crying bitterly; “ Ndakana anyamata ine ku ntchito koma kunamizidwa ndi munthu uyu…She shouted bitterly crying, sending rude vendors into jokes! It was drama at its best…



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