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Why DPP is scared of Chakwera-Mia Combination?

The MCP 2019 pair of Chakwera and Mia to stay put

If truth be told DPP would be more comfortable to face the Chakwera-Msowoya combination than Chakwera-Mia combination. This is the very reason they have devorted all their energies including using MBC in demonising the proposed Chakwera-Mia combination. DPP strategists know very well that unlike Mia -as evidenced in the previous by-elections -Msowoya doesn’t bring the much needed political capital as he has struggled to win even at Constituency level.

This is besides the the “traitor” role Msowoya played in frustrating the electoral reforms(including 50%+1) in December 2017 a scenario that has raised more questions than answers on his credibility and loyalty. DPP strategists wants to create a false impression to achieve their end by insinuating that if Chakwera does not chose Msowoya then the whole North will reject him hence the need to maintain Msowoya as runningmate.

However, what these DPP strategists are failing to tell Malawians is that the North in 2014 voted for Joyce Banda (Southerner) at the expense of Chakwera who had a Northerner as runningmate. Chakwera fared miserably in the North.

Now with the vacuum created by JB and the realisation that by voting for JB in 2014 the North only helped in ensuring that their “enemy” DPP ascends to power, the North has opened up their eyes to reality (understands DPP strategists) that 2019 elections is between DPP and MCP, and as such they have no choice but to vote for the strongest contender to their “enemy”- in this case MCP.

In this regard, DPP strategists know very well that whether Msowoya or Mia (as runningmate), MCP has an edge over DPP in the forthcoming 2019 elections in as far as Northern region vote is concerned. But their greatest concern and fear is to prevent MCP from getting some enough votes from the Southern region (including lower shire) to guarantee them of a victory in 2019 Tripartite elections.

DPP strategists would rather have Msowoya maintained as runningmate (and MCP gets the almost already decided Northern region vote) but fail miserably in Southern region than have Mia as a runningmate who would guarantee additional votes to those of North and Central region from the South which would increase MCP chances of winning the election. Izi ndi zimene akuopa a DPP hence their close interest in what is happening in MCP



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