Home Law and Order When Justice sucks: The case of Malawi’s Mussa Kazembe and 11 Others…

When Justice sucks: The case of Malawi’s Mussa Kazembe and 11 Others…


It was a case of the rich versus the poor. Here is a true story of what happened in Mtola village. Ten boys went to fish in lake Malawi. As they were sailing in their boats, they were shocked to witness one of their friend known as Ben being thrown into the lake by a well known fisherman in the area. The nine remaining boys were overwhelmed! They went straight to police to report the death of their friend Ben.

The police promised to call the culprits. A day..nothing happened! The villagers mobilised each other and took revenge on the death of their fellow villager. They broke the boats of the suspects who upon seeing the villagers, ran away for their dear and expensive lives than the one they had murdered.

Then the police instead of arresting the murderers, pounced on the villagers, arresting the villagers randomly. They broke into their houses, arresting whoever they desired. They were hauled before the Mangochi second grade magistrate court, all charged for Arson.

The Member of Parliament Hon Chambo and police prosecutor Kambonje threatened the suspects to plead guilty before the Magistrate. The member of parliament who is related to the murderers cheated the suspects to plead guilty and misled them that once they plead guilty, they shall be set free. He even threatened to report them to Peter Mutharika!

And then comes the judgement…all of them convicted for four years imprisonment including a pregnant woman.

Meanwhile, the murderer is walking freely boasting that whoever dares him shall follow the others!

If only God was here…Mussa Kazembe and his friends would have cried aloud!!! Justice favours the rich!!!


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