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Traumatizing! Malawi man in total confusion upon realizing that he’s not biological father of his four children

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LILONGWE (Malawian Watchdog)— An unusual story has happened in Malawi where a man has ‘divorced’ his wife upon realizing that he was not a biological father to all his children.

Breaking the news, the father, Mr Michael Ngwira, has confirmed of ‘divorcing’ the wife.

“Good Evening Family. You may have been hearing rumours regarding what is happening with my family. This message is meant to communicate the correct position of the situation,” said Ngwira in a communication which has gone viral on the social media.

DNA report

“I decided to order DNA tests for my children on 28th Jan 18. The results were given to us on 01 March 18. I am sorry and deeply disappointed to inform you that DNA results have shown that I am not the biological father of Elton, Hellen, Kamwadi and Lucy Ngwira.

“As you would understand, we have a crisis in the family and as an immediate measure, I have separated from Mirriam while the parents discuss the way forward. Please pray for the children who shall be traumatised by this unwanted situation. It is our view that whoever is the biological father/s should be unmasked and be given the responsibility to look after his / their off springs,” said Ngwira adding “you shall be updated regarding any new developments soon. I will send copies of the DNA results shortly. Please feel free to inform anyone about this. We have nothing to hide on this matter. May God bless you.”

And true to Mr Ngwira’s transparency, he has sent Malawian Watchdog copies of the said DNA tests officially stamped by hospital authorities  and in the interest of space, we have posted one of those copies for you to see for your self.

Malawi is in total state of shock as this is the first time to hear of such an abomination.






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