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Together all the way! Atupele Muluzi says wont dump Pres. Mutharika’s DPP govt: Malawi road to 2019

No separation with DPP

LILONGWE (Malawian Watchdog)—United Democratic Front (UDF) President, Atupele Muluzi,  who sold his party to the ruling DPP by entering into an undefined governance alliance says will not leave the Peter Mutharika administration which he is serving as minister of Health.

Recently, Muluzi addressed a rally at UDF’s headquarters in Blantyre where he told the gathering that he will leave government and launch his own presidential bid under his UDF party.

What the young Muluzi said is on record but typical of liars and flip floppers, Muluzi has changed tune.

In a statement made available to Malawian Watchdog, Muluzi said that the news that he intends t leave DPP government is a mere rumour.
“The UDF has to go through a democratic process. We are now working towards the convention, where I have expressed interest to stand for re-election as President.

“I am completely committed to supporting the Government especially in my role as Minister of Health and Population…Where I am working to improve the lives of Malawians every day.

“I am committed to ensure that we maintain the economic stability gains achieved in the past four years – post cash gate & withdrawal of direct budgetary support.” Said the young Muluzi who is facing a possible challenge from legislator Lucious Banda

He concluded:
“Need to continue instilling hope for our people – such that macroeconomic stability can translate to meaningful growth and deliver real jobs and security for our people. That is why I joined politics and we have a real opportunity to build trade and manage stability

The young Muluzi is believed by many Malawians to be childish and people stopped taking him seriously leading to the slow but panful death of his UDF party.



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