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‘Time for the Youths is Now,’ Abida Mia tells Chanco Students

Mrs Abida Mia addressing Chanco Students

Abida Mia, wife to MCP aspiring Vice President Sidik Mia, has advised the youths to exercise their right and play an active role in the affairs of this country.

Mrs Mia was speaking at Chancellor College during a farewell party the wing organised for the outgoing final year students. The event which followed a leadership seminar, was a beehive of activities on Saturday evening which saw the corridors of Chancellor College loaded with red, green colours of the MCP.

Mrs. Mia urged the students to be exemplary and focused where-ever they go and urged them to play an active role in the affairs of this country.

“Time for the youths to run this country is now. That the youths are the future leaders of tomorrow, forget about it.” She stated to the wild applause of the students.

Mrs Mia has pledged to support the wing to grow into a formidable structure of the MCP.

“Let us all together grow this wing so it can be a strong structure, l pledge to support you in your affairs” she declared to the loudest applause of the day.

Another guest speaker Richard Chimwendo Banda likened Peter Mutharika to a barren woman who has failed to give birth in four years. He stated that in such a case a man is allowed to look for an alternative wife. Chimwendo Banda did not hide his sentiments that Mutharika has not fulfilled most of his promises.

During the youth seminar which was conducted by Juliana Lunguzi and Moses Kunkuyu, Juliana Lunguzi advised the youths to read the Constitution.” It is the Constitution that can enable you to know if the rulers are running the country well”. Lunguzi dispelled the beliefs that you need more money to contest in politics.

” It is about strategy not money. Go to people themselves and talk to them personally. People put on party colours but voting is in their hearts” she advised the students.

Lunguzi also advised the youths to refrain from over praising the leaders. ” it is correct to respect someone but not to praise and worship. If you praise and worship a person how then can you correct him if he is mismanaging the country?” Lunguzi advised.

During an event in the Complex Sports theatre, several youths were rewarded for uplifting the Chanco wing. The female student Rabbeca Chakwera, who was arrested during the week for leading her fellow female students was given K 50,000. Abacus Makawa, the former president of the Wing was given K 25,000 by Sosten Gwengwe. Abacus was the most active president who made Chanco wing attractive to the students.

There are several party wings at Chancellor College but of late the MCP wing has gained more ground than the rest. The DPP wing had its function on friday but the MCP dwarfed it. MCP T-shirts are the most after sought item on campus and more students are put on the MCP wool. The MCP event was heavily attended and the whole Sports Complex was filled to capacity.



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