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Ten Malawi Members of Parliament likely to make it in 2019 Even without Campaigning

Patricia Kaliati--Likely to return to Malawi Parliament

LILONGWE (Malawian Watchdog)—There are some members of Parliament who can exhaust all their resources after consulting each and every witchdoctor to make it to Parliament. Yet they are others who even if they can faint today and wake up two days before the elections, they will still make it to the August House. Malawian Watchdog gives top ten of such Members of Parliament;

10. Kondwani Nankhumwa- This is the man who spent K13m from unknown sources to spoil his constituency. Nankhumwa did not invest the money in Sports Trophies but buying visible materials like Ambulance that won him many hearts in his area. Competing against Nankhumwa will be a tall order to any candidate.

9. Lucius Banda and Ezekiel Ching’oma- This lonely fighter in UDF would have lost it if he was from Mangochi or Machinga but Kapamula in Balaka believes in Lucius. Lucius can fight with the UDF top brass but that would not make people in his constituency dump him. Lucius will make it come 2019. Tied at number 9 with Soldier is the youthful member Ezekiel Ching’oma. Malawians are tired with a Parliament where half of the members dose because of old age. The youthful and educated MPs, the likes of Ching’oma proves the way to go. Ching’oma will make it come 2019.

8. Atupele Muluzi- Most followers of UDF follow Muluzi and Udf. To them UDF means Muluzi. When they said they have voted UDF they mean they have voted Atupele. Such is the privilege of being the son of a former president, you just ride for free on your dad’s party to parliament.

7. Lawrence Sitolo- who ever thinks Sitolo was merely lucky to win a bye-election; wait for 2019 to be silenced. Sitolo is popular in his constituency and efforts to dislodge him in 2019 will prove a hard nut to crack for all the wannabes. Sitolo will be in Parliament come 2019.

6. Richard Chimwendo- This is the only politician in Malawi you can rightly call Obama. The man really knows how to read his audience. When he is speaking he is the best orator. Popular in his constituency and come 2019 Chimwendo will be the Speaker to look at!

5. Ulemu Msungama– One publication had a field day when Msungama won his seat. They said he married an under-aged girl, was staying in boy’s quarter but Msungama popularity never shrinked. Come 2019 Msungama is one candidate who will not be visiting Dr Nkhukuzalira to make it in the August House. Sometimes de-campaigning an individual works to his advantage; like what MBC is doing with Sidik Mia; he is winning sympathy votes and curiosity voters want to know more about Mia because of being frequently attacked on a national radio.

4 Bon Kalindo—in the first place people like Kalindo who cannot understand basic law such as walking naked being an offence should not have been in the August house where complicated issues are discussed. But this is Malawi, Kalindo is the type of people that villagers like. People who speak the Villagers’ language even if it means telling lies. Kalindo is good at it and this again will see him in Parliament next year.

3. Kamlepo Kalua- This is the heart and soul of corrupt free-people. If Parliament had corruption busters like Kalua, issues of maize-gate would not have been there. This man who sometimes exaggerate things and bring issues he can’t produce evidence; is popular in his Constituency and the North. It is the controversies that he makes in the house that forces the others to respond; thereby Malawians aware of the scandals. Kamlepo reminds me of the Village idiots, who when they are drunk, reveal all the scandals happening in the village high places; much to the like of the ordinary villagers. Such people are loved in the villagers and are often tipped with latest stories. That’s Kamlepo for you!

2. Uladi Mussa- He is voted in any position before the elections. If there is one candidate MEC can declare a winner even if all the ballots are lost, Uladi Mussa is the man. He wins regardless of which party he is standing. He can have his own party but still wins the MP and presidency. Some have concluded that if Mussa could be declared insane he can still win beating all sane people.

1. Patricia Kaliati– Most members of parliament win in their constituencies because of the popularity of their parties in the area. This is common in southern region which has very few independent candidates. Such is not the case with Akweni. Akweni is everything in her constituency. If you ask people in her area which political party they would vote in 2019, they all say Kaliati! Kaliati is a brand in her area. The woman is so popular that even if she can nominate a donkey to stand in her place, surely the donkey may end-up taking her seat in parliament. Competing against Kaliati in her area is like trying to convince Yona Malunga to defect to Bullets.









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