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Standard Bank’s Angela Nkhata ruining relationships in Malawi’s capital Lilongwe

Nkhata; destroying other peoples relationships

I have been working for Standard Bank for a number of years now. I have seen people come and people go but what I have seen of a former colleague Angela Nkata has left me disappointed. Not only did she hook up with my boyfriend (now an ex) but she has damaged many other relationships. 
Angela Nkata left Standard Bank some months back despite her claiming it was to advance her career but truth be told, it was due to her growing libido, sexual interests in men, both executive customers of the bank and the senior staff.

Over the past year we had received many complaints at the bank by customers who stated Angela would call them at odd hours and offer out of work services to clients. We had the wives and girlfriends of customers and staff complain about her, how she was seeing their men. It became unbearable for staff and senior management at Standard Bank. Her reputation in the bank was lost and as colleagues of hers we found it hard working with her.

She had no option but to leave the bank. Her list of men included senior bank staff, executive bank customers and even politicians.

It is with no doubt that she found her new job at Malawi Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the same men she had been seeing. A friend of mine who works at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confided in me on a ladies night out at Cockpit Lounge that Angela’s character is also being exposed at her new work place.

I quote my friend: “she chooses to flirt over lunch with male superiors and is constantly messaging and making plans with them. She is currently popular with the men. She is someone who is hellbent on sleeping her way to the top.”

If she doesn’t stop she will find herself reliving the challenges she had at the bank and being forced to leave as well. But men will use her just as much as she uses them for her career. Her libido and gossip will come round to taunt her.

If you would want to verify what I am saying speak with the City Centre staff at Standard Bank.



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