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Signs and Symptoms of a lawyer with a bad case: Malawi Constitutional Court

Malawi Lawyers at Constitutional Court

1. The lawyer is aggressive to the witness

2. He tries to intimidate the witness and always shows disrespect to the witness

3. He often loses his temper and often use terms such as ‘ do you know that this is serious’

4. He frequently uses terms such as, ” I put it to you…” often trying to impose a story on the witness.

5. He often gets countless objections from the other side

6 He often gets objection overuled from the bench…

7. He can cross examine a witness many days just to exhaust the witness..

8. He is always rude to his fellow lawyers and often tries to show his superiority!

9 Such a lawyer will look bored when the witness is being re-examined, often throwing a couple of objections…often overuled by the Court.

10. Such a lawyer will leave without greeting and praising the other side.

If you see any of these signs and symptoms in any lawyer please dont delay report to the nearest registration centre…its a sign of a lawyer with a bad case!!!


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