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‘Sidik Mia Was a Star Performer Transport Minister,’ Jappie Mhango Fact-Checked

Mia in the thick of things when he was Minister of Transport

Recently, Business Magnate and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Vice President aspirant, Sidik Mia, told DPP to ‘start packing’ as they have failed to deliver their promises to Malawians.

Mia was speaking this in Hewe, Malawi’s Northern District of Rumphi, where he went attend a Roman Catholic function.

Mia also accused the ruling DPP over its pledge to rehabilitate a road that connects Hewe and Rumphi Boma observing that the remarks by Minister of Transport and Public Works Jappie Mhango that work will start soon was not sincere.

However, Mhango hit back, accusing Mia of under performance during his tenure of office as Minister of Transport.

However, a research made by Malawian Watchdog has revealed that Mhango’s remarks about Mia were false and were made to gain cheap political mileage.

On the contrary, Malawian Watchdog has found that Hon Mia was in fact a star performer.

For starters, it must be pointed out that Mia was one of the senior Minsters in the late President Bingu Wa Mutharika’s regime. He was retained as Transport Minister throughout Bingu’s 8 year rule.

When Bingu died, his successor, President Joyce Banda also retained him as Transport Minister. This alone shows how a performer Mia was such that he was sustaining the confidence of the two presidents. It must be pointed out as well that Mia voluntarily resigned as Minister of Transport at a time when President Joyce Banda’s regime was marred in cash-gate scandal. Mia, a noble person as he is, did not want to be associated with such cash-gate dirty hence tendering his resignation.

But when he was a minister, Mia earned praises of two dailies in the country, The Nation as well as Malawi News, who during their annual appraisals, put Sidik Mia, multiple times that is, as a star performer.

According to our research, below are some of the projects that Sidik Mia was in charge of in the Ministry of Transport alone:

Zomba Blantyre Road

Chitipa Karonga Road

Chikwawa Bangula Road

Chipembere Highway dual carriage

Nsanje Bangula Road

Mchinji Mere Road

Rehabilitated Lilongwe Nsipe Road

Sidik Mia also revived Air Malawi that had stopped operating into the current Malawian Airline.

Construction of a new rail from Mwanza to Nkaya Junction.

Rehabilitated Liwonde to Nayuchi rail and continued to Limbe

New vessel Chilembwe was built at Monkey Bay replacing Illala


When Sidik Mia resigned, he had started these projects which the current minister, Hon Jappie Mhango is failing to continue

Zomba Jali Road

Thyolo Thekerani Road

Chikwawa Chapananga Road

Rehabilitation of Limbe Nsanje Rail

With these facts, Malawian Watchdog, dismisses Jappie Mhango’s remarks that Mia was not a performer as baseless as he himself is the one showing sloppiness, swindling Malawians by opening shoddy bridges worthy millions.

In our subsequent stories, Malawian Watchdog, based on confidential research we conducted, will name the best and worst Minister in the Peter Mutharika government as well as the best and worst Ambassador.



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