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Sidik Mia says Chakwera is enjoying clean bill of health

Chakwera with Chisiza

Mia wrote on his facebook page dismissing propaganda from DPP that Chakwera is sick:


Fellow Citizens,

I was quizzed yesterday in Nkhotakota on the absence of the incoming President, Dr Lazarus Chakwera, as he was scheduled to be the guest speaker. I responded saying he was enganged with equally important business hence delegating me to address the rally.

Today, social media propagandists are at it, peddling lies that the incoming President is not feeling well…that he is this, oh he is that!

The President, as I said, is fine and we must thank the Almighty God that we will for once, have a President who is enjoying a clean bill of health, one who is fit to run the affairs of the State.

For your own information, this morning, the President met Honorable Kwacha Chisiza. The Honorable Chisiza is the last born of the late Yatuta Chisiza and they met in a rare gesture of healing past wounds so we can move on together towards nation-building.

Fellow Citizens,

We now have few days to go before we take back our country from plunderers of our national purse.

Let us all turn-out in our large numbers to vote for Dr Chakwera and Dr Chilima.

Sidik Mia

MCP Deputy President

Taking his turn, Chakwera himself on his facebook page weigned in on the same to completely put the malicious rumor to rest.

He wrote:

“This Thursday morning, I have had the distinguished honor of holding discussions with Hon. Kwacha Chisiza about the New Malawi that is being birthed on June 23. As the son of the late Yatuta Chisiza, who was jailed by colonial forces on March 3, 1959 for fighting to free his country from an old tyranny during Operation Sunrise, before he was named MCP’s Secretary General the following year, only to be killed in 1967 for fighting to free his country from a new tyranny, Kwacha is keen to partner with me in healing the wounds of our nation’s past and forge a shared future.”


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