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Ralph Kasambara’s kid Tazizwa chosen official match ball carrier from Malawi to Russia World Cup 2018

Kasambara's kid being unveiled

LILONGWE (Malawian Watchdog)—It is good news for Malawi as one of our young ones, kid to legal luminary Ralph Kasambara has been chosen to be the Official Match Ball Carrier (OMBC) at the World Cup in Russia this year.

HTD KIA Malawi Associate Marketing Consultant, Jonathan Zuze, was the one behind searching for the lucky kid. One hundred kids from international schools like St Andrews and St Patrick’s were engaged in preliminary sporting tests in order to come up with ten who  competed with their friends from Lilongwe in the finals to get one lucky kid.

FIFA certified coaches were the ones conducting this kind of assessment in twenty six countries with funding from HTD KIA, to identify ball boys for this year’s World Cup from all corners of the world.

“We are looking for a sharp kid who can handle the pressure of carrying the official match ball before millions of people. The kid should be mentally sharp and physically fit.

“KIA is a global brand and has set global standards in selecting such a kid. That’s why we are engaging international high schools,” Zuze told the media at the beginning of the exercise.

Malawian Watchdog can reveal that son to Kasambara, a St Andrews student, has been chosen to be the lucky one. The news has thrilled the Kasambara family as they are also celebrating the release of Kasambara on bail last week.

“Official Match Ball Carrier from Malawi to Russia 2018…..Tazizwa Taz Kasambara from St Andrews International Primary School,” wrote Raphael Kasambara on his facebook wall.


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