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Opinion poll places Sidik Mia ahead of Richard Msowoya: Malawi politics

Mia the favorite
LILONGWE (Malawian Watchdog)—An opinion poll which some MCP gurus commissioned on who would carry the day in the event that Sidik Mia challenges Richard Msowoya on the position of first deputy president of the Malawi Congress has seen Malawians giving Mia a landslide victory.

The poll was on STRAWPOLL website and Malawians have been voting via this link http://www.strawpoll.me/14863895.
As we went to press, the results showed a resounding approval by the people across the country for Mia to be the Party’s Vice President.
Mia (Left) expected to win Veep Position

Out of 559 votes cast, Mia got 484 votes representing 87% while the embattled Speaker of Parliament Richard Msowoya got 58 votes representing 10% of the total vote whereas 17 votes went to ‘others’ meaning whosoever will emerge to join the fray.

“Much as this is not an official poll as people who vote for such positions are convention delegates, these results represent the current mood of the people and all conditions constant, it will not be surprising to see a replica of such results during the real convention,” said a political analyst on condition of anonymity.
On Tuesday, Mia announced that he would vie for the Vice President Position of the main opposition MCP. The position is currently hold by Richard Msowoya who also happens to the Speaker of the National Assembly.
“Msowoya is more likely to lose because he has aligned himself with a wrong camp and he has also been seen to be a political novice as compared to Mia who is regarded by many to be an experienced politician,” said the analyst.
Mia is not only enjoying support from ordinary Malawians to be the Vice President of the Party, he has also been endorsed by MCP members of Parliament who met recently and resolved that they will all be fully behind Mia at the convention.



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