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Nankhumwa has promising political future but must tread carefully

Nankhumwa: Leader of opposition

In 2024, Peter Mutharika will be off the political scene. He will have exhausted his two constitutional mandates to run for office as President of the republic of Malawi. He will need a successor and looking from a distance in the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), Agriculture Minister Kondwani Nankhumwa stands a good chance of being the heir apparent.

This is no flattery or exaggeration. Kondwani Nankhumwa appears to be the only voice of reason in the image bruised party. He is humble, sober, calm and collected. He has accumulated vast experience in running government affairs, having worked in various key ministerial positions for the past years. When he opens his mouth, critics hear a refreshing voice from a party they loathe with passion. We assert that Malawians can reconsider their support for the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) with such a man as Nankhumwa at the helm of leadership of the party.

A survey by Malawian Watchdog places Nankhumwa as one Malawians (read: DPP sworn critics) can easily accept in the event that the DPP endorses him for Presidency in 2024. The reasons are as spelt. He portrays himself as one who can do business unusual. Someone who can listen when Malawians are crying. Is it not Nankhumwa who offered to talk to Chakwera and Chilima to find a political solution to the current political impasse? Gestures such as these are what make him stand out as an angel among the many stone hearted leaders in the DPP.

It appears from a distance also that President Mutharika trusts him. We don’t need to substantiate this claim for its res ipsa loquitur (facts speak for themselves).  He represents President Mutharika in crucial occasions. He is leader of the party in Parliament. He is a senior minister in Mutharika’s government. All this speak volume of him.

However, a word of caution to Honorable Nankhumwa: stay true to your values. The values of peace, co-existence, tolerance and democracy. We were dismayed when cadets beat the hell out of the HRDC leaders and demonstrators recently in Blantyre. What is disheartening is that the cadets had gathered to attend your function at the International Trade Fair ground in Blantyre.

Malawians are connecting the two. They are forced to link you to the violence that ensued thereafter. They, justifiably so, argue that it’s you who unleashed the cadets on the protestors for surely you were aware that demonstrators will be doing their stuff on that day you had your function and by allowing cadets to accompany you to the trade fair ground, you had set the scene for a possible clash with the protestors.

Honorable Minister, never again put yourself in such an awkward position else Malawians will treat you with contempt like they do with most of the politicians in your party.

We wish you well in your political journey.







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