1. Just a point of correction. Malawi’s Mission in India was opened in 2007 when Late Dr Bingu Wa Mutharika was president. The Head of Mission then was Late KSA Moyo who was The Deputy Director of International Affairs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Bowler was indeed first Highcommissioner after the establishment of the Mssion in India.

      • Late Mr Moyo was not Head of Mission. He was acting Head of Mission or Charge d’ Affaires ad interim. Such a person does not have letters of credence.

        • This implies that our findings as regards this area as presented in the write-up is correct as presented. Anyone with any other insight on this matter? Let us know so necessary corrections, amendments can be made. By the way, thanks for for your input and we encourage you to give us your feedback regarding this investigation. We intend to make more of such studies and your your constructive criticism will help us serve you better in our subsequent investigative articles. Thanks once again.


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