Home Law and Order More details emerging on Malawi Judge bribery attempt scandal: Chikopa and Mpinganjira

More details emerging on Malawi Judge bribery attempt scandal: Chikopa and Mpinganjira

Thom Mpinganjira behind the Judge bribery claim
Independent Investigator Gerald Chaves Kampanikiza (GCK) claims is in possession of the names of the people that attempted to bribe judges but is withholding the names in respect of Anti Corruption Bureau ( ACB).

GCK says can confirm to the nation that the alleged judges bribe as announced by ACB is real and that in the letter the Chief Justice submitted to ACB director contains three names; a business man, politician and a senior judge and no one from opposition is involved.
The story is real, the judges were indeed approached and a business man (who Malawian Watchdog identified as Thom Mpinganjira, the proprietor of FDH Bank) played a major role that helped the nation to know what was happening behind closed doors as he was trying to establish the truth of where the money was going. It is the role that he played that made the CJ to go to ACB upon requested by the five judges.
GCK discovered that in October 2019 two people a politician (Malawian Watchdog has identified the politician as Brown Mpinganjira)  and senior judge (Malawian Watchdog has identified him as Justice Lovemore Chikopa) took money more than a billion from some senior politicians ( Malawian Watchdog has identified these politicians from the ruling DPP) which was meant to be given to the judges hearing the presidential case and was taken from the business man who followed requests made to him.
After collecting the money the two failed to convince the judges on their request. Few days later they shared the money and each got half of the amount.
Days passed no one asked them of progress where they delivered the money. Note that this money came from the business man who was just instructed by the seniors to give the money to the two without being told the main purpose of the money and as a business person he did accordingly.
A month down the line the two had a discussion where at the end they agreed to go and get some money, they told each other that we don’t know what will happen to government at the court, let us harvest now so that we keep enough for ourselves.
They booked to meet the seniors where they said the judges are looking for extra money similar to the first package. The seniors said no problem go meet the business man and keep the use of the money to yourselves.
They went to meet him and he asked them where did you go with the first parcel of more than a billion? The two knew that if they don’t disclose they are likely not going to get the money and they had no choice but to disclose that the cash was going to the judges.
The business man asked but for what use and they explained it is to do with the presidential court case so that they rule in our  favor. As someone who has been in business he said give me time I should organize there is no problem and will notify you for collection.
The two left and he made an effort to call one of the judges whom the two mentioned. In the conversation he asked am told you got money from Mr A and B and you are asking for additional money.
The judge responded I know nothing about this and when was the first given to us and how much was it, he mentioned the figure, the business man said I was approached to provide money and I didn’t believe this, that’s why I called to here from you and to know what is the money for. The judge said we can’t talk this on a phone we need to talk in person am in Lilongwe and where are you and it happened that the business man was in Lilongwe too. The judge arranged a meeting with him.
The business man arrived at the agreed venue and to his surprise he found all the five judges seated. He was welcomed by the first person who introduced him to his colleagues as well as the subject. The house welcomed him and gave him a chance to address them.
He narrated to them that I was approached by Mr A and B they told me that they delivered money to you and that you are asking for additional money and hence my coming to verify and understand why you are looking for this huge amount of money and it’s purpose. Judges were shocked and no one had had an idea of the subject considering that none of them received money from anyone. This is when the business man knew that it was a game by the two lying to him. He thanked them for giving their part and he left the place and the judges allowed him to go. It now became an issue of trust as each would think my colleague did or not and am maybe the only one in the dark. The
This is when judges knew that there are some people yielding billions using their names and they summoned the CJ to present their case. It is at this point that both the judges and the business man knew what others were doing to take money in the name of the judges. In conclusion the business man was an Angel who sacrificed himself to alert the judges what was happening behind doors and the judges informed the nation through ACB. The GCK Cameras can also confirm that no of the five judge got money from anyone despite several attempts to do so.


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