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Mia promises to be loyal Vice President: ‘I will not undermine President Chakwera’

Sidik Mia addressing a sea of people at Salima LEA ground

Before a sea of people which gathered to witness the campaign launch for the main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and its alliance partners— Peoples Party and Freedom Party at Salima LEA ground—Chakwera’s presidential  running mate Sidik Mia, promised Malawians that he will not undermine the Chakwera Presidency once they take over in May this year.

“I do realize that there is and always will be one president at a time and in our context, the constitution of the republic provides for the position of state Vice President and not Deputy President. I understand the difference between the two which means that I will work at his pleasure—the Vice Presidency being a delegated office,” said Mia adding that “my task will be to help the President #BuildANewMalawi.”

Mia is upbeat that MCP will win the elections describing the alliance partners as “cushioning” their victory.

Joyce Banda taking her turn as MCP top leadership pays attention

“Few months ago, a Zomba based credible research organization—Institute of Public Opinion and Research (IPOR)—predicted a tight race in the forthcoming elections. However, with Peoples Party and Freedom Party in the equation today, MCP’s victory in this election is now a forgone conclusion.

“Let them undermine our alliance at their own peril but the fact remains that MCP’s victory in this election has been well cushioned by these two partners—the Peoples Party and Freedom Party,” said Mia who will be arguing for MCP and alliance partners  in the final running mates debate tomorrow in Mzuzu.

If they will win, it will be seen if Mia wont caught what the legendary columnist, Mapwiya Mulupale, described as the “Malawi Vice Presidential bug” and start behaving in the way most vice presidents have behaved since the dawn of multiparty democracy.


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