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Mia announces plan to build Muslim funded state of the art hospital & University; upbeat of MCP victory

Muslim women at Limbe country club yesterday listening to Mo Mia

It appears that Alhaj Mohammed Sidik Mia targets the month of Ramadan and preferably a religious gathering function to pronounce his major political wishes and so far, it is working for him.

Two years ago when he announced his comeback in front line politics, he told a religious gathering in no uncertain terms that he would be vying for a senior position in his second appearance on the political scene. He appealed to them to support him as they always do in his political journey. This was during the month Ramadan.

Two years down the line, he was elected deputy vice president of the liberation party, the Malawi Congress Party (MCP). Later, party  leader Lazarus Chakwera went ahead to make him his running mate in the looming watershed elections on 21st May 2019, elections of which MCP has the best chances ever of breaking its decades old jinx, in that event Mia will have fulfilled his ambition of becoming vice president of the republic of Malawi.

Speaking to thousands of Muslim women at Limbe country club yesterday, again during the month of Ramadan, Mia, who is upbeat of MCP victory in this election, made two bold promises to the Muslim community as well as to Malawians in general.

“When we take over government in few days’ time, I want to assure you that we will build a state of the art hospital, bigger than Queens’ hospital and it will be here in Blantyre. This hospital, which will be for all Malawians, will uphold Islam tenets that women should be treated by women medical personnel not like we see today in our hospitals where you are sometimes treated by men personnel’s.

Mo Mia addressing muslim women at Limbe country club

“I have already identified a donor for this mega project and once you usher MCP into power, I promise you that this will come to pass,” he said.

Mia also promised the Muslim community that he will construct a state of the art Islam run University in the country.

“We will also construct a state of the art University so we can significantly contribute to the development of our country by helping in producing highly skilled and industry ready human resource,” he said.

Mo Mia then wowed the women when he told them that he will see to it that they are helped with sound capital for them to start meaningful businesses.

He then appealed to them to support his vice presidential bid by voting for the pair for Dr Lazarus Chakwera in Malawi’s 21st May 2019 watershed election, few days from now.

Mo Mia is an experienced politician and a wealthy businessman whose presence and contribution to the party has made the party to be visible and competitive across the country, in southern region to be more specific, where the party had been struggling to make serious inroads since it lost grip of power in 1994.


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