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MCP youth movement organizes activities to commemorate Kamuzu Day; Abida Mia to be guest of honor

Baza: We are a reformed Youth

BLANTYRE— The opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) youth movement has organized activities to commemorate life of the father and founder of Malawi nation, the late Ngwazi Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda on Monday next week. The Malawi government gazetted 14th May every year as Kamuzu Day Holiday. According to Chairperson of the MCP Red Rose youth movement in Blantyre Henry Baza, the youth decided to commemorate Kamuzu Day this year in a special way.

Baza said members of their movement have sourced funds where they will buy different items to donate at one of the hospitals in Blantyre.

“We will donate assorted items at one of the hospitals in Blantyre and thereafter, we will have a roadshow around Blantyre townships and we will conclude with a braai session where we will be joined by our guest of honor to have a small talk with us,” said Baza in an interview.

“The MCP youth of today is quite different from the old youth. Our leader Dr Lazarus Chakwera is emphasizing on us the youth to be disciplined and not involve ourselves in violence whatsoever.

“This is what we are preaching all over, that us as youths, we must be disciplined and never must we depart from this value no matter the provocation,” added Baza when put to him to comment on fears that political party youths have become a threat to our national peace.

Baza said that “we are a different MCP youth and just like the current crop of MCP leaders, we the youth also do not subscribe to the primitive politics of violence.”

“We are one people and one nation. We are civilized enough to know that we are our brother’s keeper and that we can’t turn against our fellow brother just because we belong to different political parties,” emphasized Baza.

The MCP youth chairperson also disclosed that they invited Abida Mia, wife to seasoned and wealthy politician Sidik Mia to be the guest of honor.

“She is a grass root operator, a fellow foot soldier. We work hand in hand with her 24/7 and we thought she was the best person to be our guest of honor for we want her to appreciate the job we are doing in recruiting fellow youths to join the movement and support our party and Dr Lazarus Chakwera as we prepare for 2019 elections,” said Baza of Adona as Mrs Mia is popularly known among her admirers.



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