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MCP Veep Sidik Mia embraces digital world; launches personal website

Sidik Mia Site's Screenshot

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) vice president Sidik Mia is in the league of his own in as far opening up to Malawians at home and abroad is concerned as he launched his own personal website on Sunday.

“Please have a look and feel of my personal website, www.sidikmia.org. This site compliments the Facebook Page I run, the twitter account with twitter handle @SidikMia which I have as well as the You Tube Account with username Sidik Mia,” wrote Mia on his facebook page.

He added:

“As you will appreciate, all these—Facebook Page, Twitter as well as You Tube Accounts—have been embedded to this website hence giving them the official touch. What it means is that any social media account not connected to my website is not official and should therefore be treated with the contempt that it deserves.”

Mia said he decided to be on the social media as one way of making himself easily accessible to all and sundry.

“I know you also have great views regarding the future of our country and we can easily compare notes if we, your leaders, make ourselves easily accessible to you.

“I look forward to continued productive interaction with you an all these platforms,” concluded Mia.

On the road to 2019, Mia is leaving no stone unturned in mobilizing support for his party. Being a grass root campaigner himself, Mia is also taking advantage of social media to interact with the youthful audience, which oftentimes do not attend political rallies, right in their mobile gadgets.

“It is quite appealing to the senses. No one of your caliber has ever done that. Proud of you as you always strive to crush any barrier to socialization,” commented Thokozani Sainani in review of Mia’s site.

Another reviewer Peter Mac Jessie applauded Mia saying his gesture is one way of promoting access to information.

“This is a very great development mainly in this digital era. You’re the leader who’s promoting access to information,” he said.

The social media is proving to be an effective campaign tool to in this digital world. For instance, the then US Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, effectively used twitter to energize his support base and dismiss fake news being peddled against him by the mainstream media. Experts argue that social media played an integral role to Donald Trump’s election as President of the United States of America.



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