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MCP promises Chitipa-Tanzania Tarmac Road

Mkandawiwire addressing people during the rally in Chitipa

The Opposition Political Party, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has assured people in Chitipa that it will construct a Tarmacked road from the district T-junction to Tunduma in Tanzania once voted into power in the forthcoming 2019 general elections.

Speaking during a political rally held on Saturday 4th August in the north constituency, in the area of Traditional Authority Mwaulambya, Group Village Headman, Mwamukumbwa MCP Second Deputy President Harry Mkandawire, said tarmacking the road will ease the transportation of farm produce to various markets in the country as the district is one of the reliable districts when it comes to farm harvest every year.

Mkandawire was answering from the request by people in the area through their ward councillor of Nkhwangwa Ward, Isaac Mwepa, who is now aspiring candidate for Parliamentary seat for Chitipa North under the same party MCP who asked for a better road as the road is currently in dilapidated state.

“It is pathetic at 54 years of independence driving in these bumpy roads where people produces high yield, with this kind of road network there are likely high chances of high cost of transportation of farm produce to the market. Vote wisely in 2019, MCP will make sure that this suffering comes to an end. “Promised Harry.

Harry further expressed his disappointed with the road saying it is very embarrassing to the nation at large to see the bumpy and rocky road which is joining with a neighbouring country where people from these two nations exchange commodities through trade.

The dilapidated gravel road from Chitipa to Tunduma is long up to 51 Kilometres and according to information gathered from other drivers, it takes about two hours to get in Tunduma, and according to them, the hours can be reduced up to thirty minutes if tarmacked.

For his part group headman Mwamukumbwa was so delighted with the speech by Mkandawire and he said they will be happy if MCP will leave up to its promises once voted into power as the road will also ease the movement of school going children to and from school especially during rainy season.

“The road becomes to sleeper during rainy season which affects children to go to school when it is raining, they get to school dirty. Said Mwamukumbwa.”

Among others, Mkandawire also emphasised that once MCP is voted into power, government will make sure that there is equitable access to education in levels, (primary, Secondary and Tertiary) in all the regions of the country by constructing more school.

He (Mkandawire) however urged people in the district to go and register once the registration process comes in the district starting from 8th to 21st October, 2018 for these ambitious dreams to come to life.




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