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MCP Monitor beaten by DPP’s operatives in Mulanje: Enforcing Ngolongoliwa Order

MCP Monitors( Regional Chair Simbi and crew) traumatised by Mulanje thugs

MULANJE—Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) operatives have wreaked havoc in today’s by-elections underway in Mulanje Milonde Ward when they beat opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) roving monitor Prudence Nkhoma, only Malawian Watchdog can reveal.

MCP regional publicity Secretary Blessings Chilembwe confirmed of the development that Nkhoma has been severely beaten and she is under intensive care unit in Mulanje Hospital.

“We brought her here at Mulanje Hospital where she is receiving treatment,” said Chilembwe.

“We were in the company of Electoral Commission spokesperson Sangwani Mwalfuriwa when we were reporting to the police though they have done nothing in as far as arresting the violent perpetrators is concerned.

“The situation is tense here,” narrated the MCP regional publicist.

It was reported in the media recently that Paramount Chief of the Lomwe tribe Ngolongoliwa barred opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) from conducting political rallies in the Lomwe belt districts.

The report said that the order was issued to Traditional Authority Mabuka and all his chiefs to stop MCP from conducting campaign rallies in the ward where the by-election is taking place.

And true to his order, MCP was not allowed to campaign in the area as members were either denied permission to conduct rallies by the chiefs and where they were given permission, the DPP operatives were there to unleash violence and disrupt the rally.

“You know our Paramount is a DPP diehard and he doesn’t want what happened during last year’s by-election where MCP won the by-elections to happen again at his controlled Lomwe belt. This is why we were advised to put spanners so MCP should not even get significant votes during the coming by-election. They say the same tactic will be used in the entire Lomwe belt as we approach 2019. They say Lomwe belt is no go zone for MCP,” said one junior chief in the area on strict condition of anonymity.

“I fear what will become of this country if other paramount chiefs in other regions here in Malawi decide to give similar orders to their chiefs to ban, let’s say, DPP, in their areas. It will be chaos. I wish every political party was allowed to campaign and let people decide on the voting day and not what is happening,” reasoned the chief.

Ngolongoliwa takes his orders from President Mutharika.

“Our beloved Paramount must reverse this order. You remember what happened in Thyolo during Amai’s (Joyce Banda) time, a policeman was killed because of the same senseless orders. Do we want to have similar ugly situations because of politics,” the chief queried.

Some quarters on the social media have accused the Malawi Electoral commission for treating DPP with kid gloves.

Meanwhile, the by-election in Mangochi Malindi ward is going on peacefully with no incidents of violence during campaign and on a polling day as is the case in Mulanje.

“Everything is going on well here in Mangochi,” MEC Chaiperson Justice Jane Ansah told the local media this afternoon in Mangochi.


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