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MCP liabilities Chatinkha, Jumbe join DPP: Msowoya, Kabwira, Kaliwo next

Jumbe now officially DPP

SALIMA (Malawian Watchdog)—The Main Opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has been vindicated of its claims that those who have been and are still causing havoc in the party were and are ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) plants.

This came to pass when Salima Central MP Felix Jumbe officially joined the ruling DPP. Another uncultured woman Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma, who had been enjoying airtime on state controlled MBC, also unofficially joined DPP. The same applies to fired Peoples Party Acting President Uladi Mussa.

Jumbe was welcomed into the DPP at a function in Salima soon after President Peter Mutharika had unveiled a foundation stone for the China Africa Textile Company.

The parliamentarian said he was happy to work with the governing party after long time of fighting his own political party which later expelled him.

Mercenaries Chatinkha and Mussa at the function

Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma was in attendance at the function, a clear message that she heading to DPP. Uladi Mussa also known as ‘change golo’ was also available at the function, a clear indication that he will also officially make the move to join the blue camp.

Other MCP gurus casing havoc Speaker Richard Msowoya and Gustav Kaliwo are also strongly linked to join DPP after a botched mission to topple Chakwera in MCP.



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