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MCP dispatches delegation to welcome former Malawi leader Joyce Banda

MCP women join their PP counterparts in welcoming Joyce Banda

CHILEKA, BLANTYRE (Malawian Watchdog)—In a rare show of respect for Malawi’s former head of state Joyce Banda, opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has dispatched a delegation to welcome the president as she returns from her long private trip abroad.

The Malawi former leader who is also president of opposition Peoples Party (PP) went abroad for private engagements few weeks after she lost the chaotic 2014 tripartite  elections.

“She is former head of state. We all missed her and we thought it wise to join all Malawians in welcoming her as she arrives here at Chileka International Airport,” said one woman clad in MCP regalia upon arrival at the airport.

Political commentators say the move taken by MCP to dispatch a delegate in welcoming Banda is politically strategic for a possible working relationship in future.

“The MCP strategists perhaps know that Joyce Banda may not win an election but remains a force to reckon with in that she might bring a difference if she and her party decides to support any party.

“So the message MCP is sending is like: here we are Mama; help us to dislodge DPP in 2019,” said a Livingstonia University based political analyst.

Banda is expected to hold a rally tomorrow in Zomba where she is expected to speak to the nations on her political plans ahead of the 2019 elections.

There are fears that the former head of state may be arrested upon arrival today.





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