Home National MCP Commando Abida Mia in solo street raid in Blantyre

MCP Commando Abida Mia in solo street raid in Blantyre

Abida Mia distributing MCP materials in Blantyre

BLANTYRE—(Malawian Watchdog)—Typical of a Commando in war circumstances, Abida Mia, wife to Malawi Congress Party Vice President Sidik Mia was at it yesterday. She stormed the streets of Blantyre, barely 24 hours after her husband was teargased by Police for sharing light moments with his fellow comrades in trade and commence—the vendors—to dish out party materials to minibus and taxi drivers.

According to Abida Mia, there is an overwhelming demand for MCP party materials in Blantyre and many other places in  many other district in the southern region—the business operators such as Minibus, Taxi drivers and vendors topping the list.

“I thought I would meet the demand of the taxi and minibus drivers hence doing the needful today right at their workplace,” said Mia who is seen in a vedio clip literally distributing t-shirts, flags and stickers to the excited drivers who were chanting ‘Boma! Boma! Boma!’ as Madam Mia was giving them the materials.

Malawi heads to a watershed election in May 2019 where the opposition MCP stands a significant chance of dislodging the ruling DPP into power. The ruling DPP, according to public opinion, has dismally performed hence very unlikely that Malawians can renew their mandate in 2019.

With the influence of seasoned politician Sidik Mia who joined the party last year and was elected vice President, the opposition MCP is gaining ground each passing day in southern region, an area considered to be the political base of the ruling DPP in the process raising the prospects of the party causing an upset in 2019.


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