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MCP amends constitution: 5 year term across the board

Mkaka: Making proposal of the MCP Constitution amendment

LILONGWE—At the ongoing indaba, the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has agreed to amend various sections in their constitution.

The popular amendment has been to give 5 year term to all elective positions in the party.

Other party officials were given 3 year terms and this means that going forward, such officials will be enjoying 5 year term.

Deputy Secretary General Eisenhower Mkaka presented the motion to the convention delegates.

The other sections amended are to make sure that elected officials who have failed to attend three meetings of their officials for three consecutive period shall be considered to have resigned from their positions.

The amendment has also added new positions in the party in order to consolidate the party.

The other amendment is for MCP President to be given an opportunity to represent the party in the general election for third term in the event that he has failed to win in his first attempt but won the presidency in his second attempt.


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